Renishaw BallBar Testing

Ballbar testing has been built on the simplicity of the test, speed of use and the large amount of quantitative data generated. At Express CNC we understand what the results mean, and we know how to best rectify any issues found.
We have several Renishaw QC20 ballbars which aids in the identification and verification of a machine tools dynamic accuracy. To complement the ballbar we also have granite squares, test bars, drawbar clamp force gauges, precision levels and over 30 years’ experience in machine tool building.
So how does the ballbar test work? Well, the ballbar test allows the detection of errors noticeable only while machine tools are in motion. There are many factors in the machine geometry, control system and wear can cause the radius of the test circle and its shape to deviate from the programmed circle.
By measuring the actual circular path and comparing it with the programmed path, we can measure the machine's accuracy. This is the basis of all telescopic ballbar testing and of the QC20-W ballbar system.
The testing process consists of three stages: the set-up, data capture and data analysis. Each step is meticulous in its delivery. At Express CNC we can assist you and your business in the testing of your machines so that they remain 100% accurate and any faults are detected right away.
There are many benefits of Renishaw Ball Bar Testing including:

  • Ensure accurate parts, first time, from CNC machines
  • Reduce machine downtime, scrap, and inspection costs
  • Demonstrate compliance with machine performance and quality management standards
  • Implement fact-based predictive maintenance

If you would like more information about Renishaw Ball Bar Testing then you can get in touch with one of the team here. Alternatively, if you would like to book a service then you can contact us directly on 01204 880370.