Express CNC can help you with pre-purchase inspections, machine re-commissioning before or after a move or purchase. It is important when buying a machine that a full inspection is undertaken to evaluate the control system, mechanical condition and state of technical documentation can help avoid unexpected problems and minimise undue expense. 
We can provide you with a professional and objective analysis of the overall mechanical and electrical condition and highlight to you any possible maintenance work that may need to be carried out. Once the machine is on-site, we can undertake recommissioning of the control system to bring the machine to full operation ready for production.

All of the equipment that we use to recommission your machines has been calibrated to recognised ISO standards. Prior to a machine move, we can analyse your machines in relation to the functionality and accuracy and will provide you with a comprehensive report to assist in recommissioning.
If you are selling a machine, our recommissioning service can provide potential buyers with additional confidence that the machine can be recommissioned with minimal delays and brought into production quickly and effectively, adding even more value to the sale.
If you would like any further information in relation to recommissioning then one of our technical support team can help. We are always on hand to answer all of your questions. If you would like to chat with one of the team you can call us directly on 01204 880370 or email us sales@expresscnc.co.uk for more information or assistance.